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AEROSMITH  LEAD GUITARIST  JOE PERRY needed a singer for his newest Joe Perry Project line-up and out of nowhere I got drafted. 

It was like winning the lottery. Much better though, because lotteries only pay cash. For the next two years I experienced things that money just can’t buy. Living on the road with America’s quintessential rock star, playing adventurous, rebellious music on big stages to huge crowds, signing autographs, finding romance and partying with my idols. I was on top.

At that same moment Joe Perry was spiraling to the bottom.

Health failing, marriage falling apart and deeply in debt.

In order to stay one foot ahead of the tallyman the ex-Aerosmith star jumped into a van and hit the road, taking me and a few other newbies along on a mad dash across North America and beyond. 

Taking any gig he could get.

This is my daily diary of the entire 28 month journey. Revealing the unusual bond that develops between Mr. Perry and myself as we travel, compose and record together, film an MTV video and perform 226 concerts in arenas, roadhouses, race tracks and tin shacks. 





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What's inside the Diary?

Some of the things you’ll read about in my new book:


First and foremost, my 326 page music autobiography is a detailed documentary of the years I spent singing with the Joe Perry Project in 1982, 1983 and 1984. 

Along the way, I share dozens of my other rock’n’roll memories and tales.

The 60’s and the New England Teen Scene, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Led Zeppelin in Framingham, What’s Happening Mr. Silver? The WBZ Sundeck Studio at the Surf Nantasket - and my band - Joe Flash.

The 70’s. At the Rat in Boston, storming New England and NYC with my band THUNDERTRAIN. Playing and partying with the Dead Boys, David Johansen, The Cars, the Runaways, Willie Loco Alexander, David Bowie  and more ...

The Big 80’s. Pop culture goes bonkers. MTV, Chicken McNuggets, ATMs, VCRs, Hard Rock Cafe and Buffalo Wings invade America. Ronald Reagan is in the White House and  if you're lucky, the JOE PERRY PROJECT is playing  tonight at your local rock'n'roll dive. 

Road Tripping: Join Danny Hargrove, Joe Perry, me - and the rest of the Project gang inside the JPP van as we cruise from Boston to New Orleans. Las Vegas to Miami. Caracas to Toronto. Detroit to Huntington Beach and beyond…

Scenes from Venues from all over North America: In the dressing rooms and onstage at the Bottom Line,  Agora Ballrooms, El Mocambo, Max’s, Hollywood Palace, Pocono Raceway, CBGB’s, Keystone Clubs, Wichita Falls Raceway, Reseda Country Club, the Channel, Harpo’s, New England Dragway, El Poliedro and hundreds more… 

AEROSMITH - the early days. My memories of their first shows at the start of 1971. I also  share my personal experiences performing and recording with Brad Whitford and playing live onstage with Joey Kramer and Steven Tyler.  Plus, my backstage tales.

Rock Bands and Celebrities: We’ll be crossing paths with Alice Cooper, Marshall Tucker Band, Stiv Bators, NRBQ, Stray Cats, The Ramones, Kim Simmonds/Savoy Brown, Huey Lewis and the News, Cyrinda Foxe, the Fools, Gale Huff, Howard Leese of Heart, Kix, Clarence Clemons, the Godz, Gary U.S. Bonds, The Outlaws, Robin Young, James Montgomery, Krokus, Tim Bogert, Rick Derringer, Gregg Allman, Sara Edwards, Cheap Trick, Steppenwolf, Jim Dandy, Wrabit, MaryBella, Les Dudek, the Stompers, Blackfoot, Duke and the Drivers, Ric Ocasek, Lee Aaron, Nazareth, Johnny A, David Johansen Group, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts to name but a few.  

Once A Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary

326 pages. Over 750 diary entries. Rare photos. 

Appearances and Events


Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...

Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...

Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...


In San Francisco, the outrageous Michael Butler (the man who set the wheels in motion for the publication of "Once a Rocker: A Diary") conducts a no-holds-barred two hour interview with rocker/author Cowboy Mach.  Rock and Roll Geek Show is the first and best rock podcast in the world. 


WZLX-FM Broadcast November 24, 2019

Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...

Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...


Mach is the guest on tonight's CARTER ALAN'S DECIBEL DIARIES  Fabulous 50,000 watt broadcast. Here is the audio with additional video clips.



MusicGuy247 PRINT INTERVIEW 11/16/19

Rock'N'Roll Geek Show #964 November 21, 2019 Cowboy Mach Returns...

MusicGuy247 PRINT INTERVIEW 11/16/19


Mach gets the opportunity to speak with musicologist Robert von Bernewitz in New York. Rob’s a real music guy and here’s the conversation they about "Once a Rocker" & Mach's career. With some nice photos too.

Check out Robert's music website Musicguy 247, so many amazing interviews here.   

recent Cowboy News



Hal from Philly  welcomes author Mach Bell and they engage in a colorful and thought-provoking, one-hour conversation on "Tales of the Road Warriors."   


2/19/20 COWBOY on NCM-TV

Cowboy Mach is Jack McCarthy's guest on "Norwood Digest." The show includes rare 1983 Joe Perry Project film footage shot by Jack Tolman.


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reviews / Testimonials




“ I was a Joe Perry fan before I heard the Cowboy's stories, Now I'm a Cowboy Mach Bell fan.  An honest and entertaining read from start to finish. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!

MICHAEL BUTLER  Bassist and Host of The Rock’N’Roll Geek Show (San Francisco)

 “ Amazing book, what a wild ride…”

BILL MCGOLDTRICK Guitarist & TV Host NCTV McGold-Riffs

“ I just finished an awesome book which I think you’d enjoy, simply if you love rock’n’roll.  Now, if you’re an Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan, I know you’re gonna want to read this one.

And if you’re a fan of Boston Rock’n’Roll it’s a no-brainer

The book is Once a Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary, written by local legend Mach Bell, singer for the late 70’s Boston workhorse group Thundertrain

And also, more famously, as frontman to the Joe Perry Project.”

CARTER ALAN - Rock historian, Author and WZLX-FM Radio Personality

“ I got it today and I can't put it down.

BILLY CONNORS The Boize / Billy Connors Project 

Congratulations Mach! Way to share a Heritage! ”


“This book is a must read...you can’t put it down. 

You will be transported. A+++++


“finished it last nite. it’s good, it’s truthful & it’s funny.


Worth the price of admission...euphoric recall of that era affirms the true meaning of having no regrets in my life…”

EARTHQUAKE MORTON Duke and the Drivers

“Well written, honest, loving portrayal” 


“great book, reminds me of Ian Hunters book.”

BRYNN ARENS - Flipp (Minneapolis)



“Finally a real book about Rock and Roll and life on the Road.”

JOHNNY PRESS  Gross National Product/ Burning Sky 



“The book captures the spirit of writing, recording and touring in a rock band. It’s an honest, fun and not always so glamorous look. Reading it, I felt like I was along for the ride.”

MARK MORROW Dirty Blonde (Los Angeles)

Buy. This. Book! I'm about a third of the way through it, and it's a well written daily journal of Mach Bell's time as a member of The Joe Perry Project - The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Mach of course was also the front man for legendary Boston rockers Thundertrain, among others. It's a great stand alone book, but if you were involved in the Boston music community from the mid 70's on, it's a must read. “

FRED PINEAU Bonjour Aviators / The Atlantics / Billy Connor Project 

“It's a great read of the brutality of the music buzz, and the 'scene' of what life on the road was like in the early 80’s.”

STEVE LECLAIRE Mike Girard’s Big Swinging Thing

Every entry a gem. In the wayback machine the whole time.” 

DANNY HARGROVE Joe Perry Project/ Rage

We were all taught to write from our own experience. Mach Bell has done that in a compelling, powerful and true story. What a ride.

CADILLAC JACK Duke and the Drivers

 This book was a page/turner all the way thru.. a must read book…” 

PATTY SHORT Doug McDonald Band

 Got two! ..Great story telling.”

RAY FERNANDES The Atlantics / Billy Connors Project

January 25, 2020 Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico

Cowboy Mach Bell meets Twisted Rico.  Podcasting direct from New Alliance Studio in Somerville MA USA

RECENT Appearances


Mach vs. the Groundhog on WMWM-FM


02/02/2020 Mach Bell spent Groundhog Day up in Salem MA.                        Appearing live on the “What’s Happening” show with  hosts Aaron Bornstein and Bob Nelson.

Music from Joe Perry Project, Thundertrain & Last Man Standing. Mach  talks rock, predicts the Oscar’s, takes a phone call from author Joe Milliken, gives his new take on the Aerosmith/Kramer kontroversy and reveals how he got his nickname “Cowboy.

CHECK IT OUT right now: http://raccoonradio.freehostia.com/Trax/MachBell20Feb2.mp3  


Cowboy Mach Crashes WMFO-FM


1/13/20 Michael Scott Stewart and Mike Newman get the low down from guest Mach Bell. Recorded live on the campus of Tufts University . Lots of good JPP tunes too.

Archived Show Right Here. Listen: https://youtu.be/OuDk5963qII

More Recent Appearances and events...


NCTV McGold-Riffs: Ep#21 with Cowboy Mach Bell


TV host/guitarist Bill McGoldrick welcomes rocker/writer Cowboy Mach Bell to his weekly guitar show. Filmed at NCTV on 12/20/2019  


Cowboy Mach meets the King of the Indies - Gerg Anidem

 From Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019

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Scroll down (it’s alphabetical) and click on .                                                                                      “Live Interview with Cowboy Mach Bell”



Rock Talk with Mach

From film maker Woody Bavota.                                                                                              Mach gives an overview of his early rock'n'roll activities.   

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More Mach Music

“Hell Tonite!” captures Thundertrain blasting-out a high-octane show at a biker bar in Peabody MA. The show was originally recorded & broadcast over WCOZ-FM in 1979 and is preserved here in all its glory. Liner notes are by Thundertrain frontman Mach Bell .